Drinking Water Protections Against COVID-19

State officials say there is no need to stock up on surplus bottled water due to Coronavirus.


SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) wants residents to know that their public water supply is safe. In the case of quarantine or outbreak related to the coronavirus, public drinking water systems are designed to continuously deliver safe drinking water to your tap.

“Drinking water treatment and disinfection has effectively protected Utah’s population for many decades. These protections will safeguard residents against drinking-water-borne viral infections—including coronavirus,” says Marie Owens, Director of DEQ’s Division of Drinking Water. “There is no need for residents to stock up on surplus bottled water in preparation for a potential outbreak of coronavirus.”


Dear Residents,


The South Davis Water District will continue to provide clean, fresh, disinfected water throughout this COVID-19 crisis.  We do not foresee there being any water shortages.    

We are able to control the water system remotely, but we will continue visually inspecting our treatment facilities on a daily basis, as well as performing all routine and investigative water sampling if a quarantine is enacted.  


We will also be fully capable of responding to emergencies.

Please note that we are not accepting in-person payments in the office in order to practice social distancing.  We are, however, answering phones as before, and can take payments over the phone.  We also have a payment drop box to the left of the office door.


We want our residents to feel confident in their water system during these scary times. 

Jake Ferguson

General Manager

South Davis Water District

If you own a home that was built before the 70's and your service lateral hasn't already been replaced, there is a very good possibility that it is galvanized steel.
It is highly recommended that you replace your line. These old lines will most likley start leaking. They can also be the culprit of taste and odor problems and can leach lead and cadmium into your drinking water.
The District is working to replace all of the galvanized lines from the main to the meter.


Before the turn on date in April, residents must have their master valves turned off in order to prevent flooding.  


There is no watering between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. If found watering during off hours, a warning will be issued for a first time offender. The next subsequent violation will result in a $30 fine. Each subsequent violation will increase by $30 per violation for the entire irrigation season. The violation will be added to the residents account. Failure to pay the violation will result in a tax lien being placed on the property with an additional $30 processing fee.


Irrigation water is generally shut off on the Monday closest to the 15th in October (this is subject to change).

Irrigation water will be turned on April 20th this year. 


Culinary water is billed bi-monthly. The amount billed is based on actual usage as read from a water meter. During the winter season, when meters are covered with snow, usage will be estimated. Failure to pay the culinary bill in 4 consecutive months  will result in water being shut off.  A warning letter will be sent to the delinquent resident prior to it being shut off. 

Irrigation water is billed directly from property taxes now. 


The Board of Trustees and Management meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 4:30 p.m. at the District Office located at 407 W 3100 S.  Public input is always welcome. 

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