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Automatic Payments are free.  The District uses SECURE INSTANT PAYMENTS to process these payments. 
You will need your District account number in order to set up an account with SECURE INSTANT PAYMENTS.  Below are the step by step instructions for creating an account.    

Instructions on setting up a new account  

  1. Click on                        

  2. Click on the "Create New Account" button.

  3. Fill out the Personal/Organizational Information form.

  4. Scroll down and create a new username and password.

  5. Click on "I'm not a robot", and then click on the Create Profile button.

  6.  Enter your District account number.  Don't use the decimal point.  Example:  District account number 3524.1 would be entered as 35241

  7. Verify that the owner's name is correct and click on the green "Click here if your Account # is:"

  8. Click on the "Make a Payment".

  9. Under type of payment, click on "Auto Bill-Pay".

For any issues with your account, call SECURE INSTANT PAYMENTS at 1-800-764-0844.

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